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San Cristobal 250g bag

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San Cristobal is our latest coffee sourced from small holder farmers in the region of Chiapas, southern Mexico.
Mexican espressos tend to be accessible to a range of pallets making them a fan favourite. We’ve selected San Cristobal to roast as a single origin espresso, as well as filter so you can brew this coffee any way you like.
No sooner than your order arrives, you’ll be sipping on an exceptional cup of coffee, brimming with a smooth and creamy chocolate flavour, complemented by a delicate nuttiness and splash of peach.
Something to note about San Cristobal is its relatively little-known varietal Marsellesa. Crossed between Timor Hybrid and Villa Sarchi in Nicaragua it tends to produce higher yields that are specifically rust resistant.

Origin: Mexico

Process: Washed

Roast: Espresso

Tasting notes: 

Chocolate ganache, hazelnut, peach