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El Pedrero 250g bag

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El Pedrero is our new crop washed Honduran that really pushes the levels of quality in Honduran coffee. It's very clean, super sweet and low in acidity, showing all the signs of a coffee that is going to be widely popular.

It has a very smooth creamy milk chocolate body, with a subtle layer of morello cherry & cashew sweetness. A tinge of acidity is present, but it's muted and sits gently in the background.

It would be very at home in drip machines, cafetieres, Moka pots or the Aeropress.

Honduras has become one of our most popular origins to source from over the last 4 years, with coffees like Capucas and Lepaterique, both being hugely popular.

Most of the coffees we source from Honduras tend to be regionals, meaning they are coffees coming from a collective of small farms that are commonly a close knit community or coop. In this case, El Pedrero is actually a tiny single estate small farm of just 7 hectares, but falls within the collectives support and goals.

It's a bit of a gem, and a pretty special little coffee.