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Cachoeiras 250g bag

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Cachoeiras is a super exciting coffee for us: it's the first coffee we've sourced from origin, making the trip to Brazil back in July 2022. Direct sourcing is something we've been aiming for since day one of Machina, and we couldn't be happier with the coffee that marks the beginning of our new sourcing approach. (Read more about it below!)

Flavourwise Cachoeiras is everything you want from a Brazil: a rich nutty body, chocolatey sweetness, and very low in acidity. Ideal for those that enjoy a smoother, more developed coffee. As an espresso roast we think Cachoeiras makes an excellent flat white, but still great if you prefer it black. Try 17g-34g-34s at 94℃ for optimal results!

Origin: Brazil

Process: Pulped Natural

Roast: Espresso

Tasting notes: Fudge, Milk Chocolate, Pecan